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Unfathomable Job Losses
On Thursday, the government reported that 6 million people filed for first time unemployment benefits. The states are finally catching up and able to process the overwhelming numbers. On Friday, the February jobs report saw 700,000 jobs lost with the unemployment rate over 4%. This is the first negative report of jobs since late 2010. […]

First Bounce Fails. Bears in Control
In the last two posts I wrote about what I saw as the bulls having the ball early in the week with the bears taking over as the week proceeded. After a day and a half run by the bulls, they quickly gave up by lunch on Tuesday, allowing the bears to enjoy yet another […]

End of Month & Quarter. Bears Getting the Ball
To say this has been a long month would be the classic understatement! Four weeks ago, I was all packed and ready to head to Cabo San Lucas for a long weekend before going on to LA for work. Cabo has been on my bucket list since I used to watch The Love Boat on […]

Setting Up for the New Week
Last week was certainly one for the ages. It had everything a bull and bear would love and hate. March 23rd will go down as the internal or momentum low for this bear market, if that’s even the right term anymore. By internal low, I am referring to the bottom where the biggest swath of […]

This is NOT 1931 But Still Too Many Looking for Easier Markets
The bull are back in town, at least from Tuesday through Thursday they were. If you even casually follow the markets, you have probably heard that it has been the biggest rally since 1931 after the sharpest decline in the least amount of days since, well, 1931. 1931 was in the heat of Great Depression […]

A Financial Strategy to Use Right Now
Tax Day Postponed As I wrote about the other day, I want to begin each update with something positive. As most people know the IRS has extended tax filing day to July 15th. My read and that of the many CPAs I speak with is that’s across the board. If we are correct, that includes […]

Bulls Working on Three Straight
Bulls Working on Three Straight On Sunday, I discussed the tiniest of green shoots and the scenario for stock market low on Monday followed by a rally. As I said at the time and since, I think it is “A” low, but perhaps not “THE” low. It is certainly a start and I am glad […]

Not “THE” Bottom – 2008 Not a Good Guide
Well Tuesday was fun! At least for the bulls. Monday pretty much bottomed on schedule and we saw unprecedented and massive buying off the lows. It was really across the board with some eye popping numbers, like 93% of the shares traded went into stocks going up on the day. They were more than 2500 […]

TRUE Shock and Awe – We Need MORE from the Government Before I launch into another one of my “brief” updates, I want to share something good that can help everyone. While there has been major hoarding of paper towels, toilet paper and sanitizing products at the stores, I understand that supply chains are stocked and will continue to deliver to stores. Once people have […]

The Tiniest of Green Shoots – Monday Not Looking Pretty
I want to begin by hoping everyone is staying safe and taking the necessary precautions when venturing out. I spent part of my work weekend mapping out a series of updates and then writing content. As you all know, I am not known for brevity so I thought it would be more beneficial to create […]

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