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Bulls Working on Three Straight & A Financial Strategy to Use Right Now
TRUE Shock and Awe - We Need MORE from the Government
The Tiniest of Green Shoots - Monday Not Looking Pretty
Internal Bottom, More Downside Left, Dow 30K and Powell's Blunder
9th Correction of the Bull Market - Dow 30,000 Coming in Q3
Coronavirus & Stock Market Playbook
Corona Crash - The AH HA Moment?
Historic Greed. Media Day & Stock Picks
More Myth Debunking, Bubbles, Risk & the Stresses of Money
Year-End Client Letter
Media Day, Fed, Coronavirus & More Today
Fearless Forecast 2020
Investor Behavior is now Very Dangerous
Debunking More Nonsense While Oil & Gold Hit Peaks
Santa Called. Bulls Excited on Wall. Could There be a Fall?
My New Year's Message
The Masses are Wrong! Truth About Santa and the Last 5 Days of 2019
**SPECIAL Fed Update - World Not Fully Recognizing Powell's Dramaric Pivot
Hate & Disavow All They Want, Dow 28,000 Target Hit, BUT, BUT, BUT
Powell & Fed to Deliver Trick & Treat. Media Day in NYC
Trump's Impeachment on Stocks
Here Comes Another Cut, But Will the Markets Celebrate?!?!
Some Septembers Are Good. Dow 28K & 30K as the Bears Embarrass
Pullback "Feels" Worse Than It Is. Bear Clowns Wrong Again on Stocks/Recession
New Blog Post is Up. Powell's Arrogance & Ignorance to Continue...
***SPECIAL Fed Update: "Insurance" Cut... Dow 30,000
My Apologies. Fresh All-Time Highs. Who Knew?!?!
Hot IPO, LYFT, Coming Out. Time to Buy?
**SPECIAL Fed Update: Goldilocks & The Most Unanticipated FOMC Mtg**
Mr. Schatz to join Fox Business on March 4th & Fox61 on March 5th
All Signs Point to All-Time Highs After Pullback. Crickets from the Bears
Fearless Forecast 2019
Powell's Credibility Gone. Apple Strikes Back at Bears
WTNH on Tuesday - Top Financial Resolutions for 2019
Yahoo Finance's Midday Movers on Monday
Big Gains Close the Year But Bulls Remain on Their Heels... Fox Business
Bulls & Santa Claus Making a Stand. One Indicator for the All Clear
Massive & Historic Selling Leads to Rare & Overwhelming Opportunity
***The Absolute Arrogance, Ignorance & Incompetence of the Fed***
What If I am Wrong???
Complex Bottom in Stocks. All-Time Highs in the Cards for 2019
Bears Maul Strong Seasonal Tailwinds But Dow 27,000 Remains On Tap
New Blog Post is Up. What Happened to the "Easy" Week???
Canaries in the Coal Mine - New Bear Market or New Highs
THE Bottom Right Now or Soon. ALL Paths Lead to Dow 27,000
Election Model Right Again!
***Not So Special Fed Update. Recession, Bear Market***
***SPECIAL ELECTION UPDATE. Last Time Our Model Predicted Trump***
Looking for THE Bottom
Calling THE Bottom and the Bear Market that Lies Ahead
CNBC Squawk Box Monday @ 6:05a & Yahoo Finance Midday Movers @ 11:30a
Crash Scenario Avoided BUT Where is THE Bottom???
Was It "A" Bottom or "THE" Bottom? Don't Get Comfortable Just Yet!
Just Like the Crash of 1987, an Interest Rate Driven Decline in Stocks
Crash Helmet Time?
***SPECIAL Fed Update - Rates Going Up Today. Economy Peaking***
The Misunderstood Bearishness of September. The Real Facts
One Indicator is Back to Dotcom Bubble Bursting Level...
Dow 30,000 BUT Facebook in Trouble. Apple Not Far Behind???
**SPECIAL Fed Update - It Doesn't Get Much Better Than This**
Yahoo Finance - 07/25
FOX Business 07/12 - 6:30 PM
New Blog Post is Up. *** 06/13 SPECIAL Fed Update ***
Canaries Say It All. Dow 27,000 Next With 30,000 After
Bull Markets Do NOT End This Way - The ONE Indicator That's 90% Accurate
SPECIAL Fed Update - Arrogance & Pomposity Leading to Recession Watch
Crosscurrents Abound in May but Fraught with Risk
FOX in CT Tuesday Morning
Trump Tariff Tantrum & 200 Day Moving Average
Stocks Groping for Bottom as Tariffs Turn On Recession Watch
Stock Market Bottom. This One Not As Easy, Or Is It?!?!
See Schatz on Fox Business' Intel Report. Fed Still Nuts!
*Special Fed Day Alert. Rates Up Again & Then Some. Recession Watch
Dow 27,000 Still on Tap. 30,000 Possible in Q3
Stock Market Approaching Critical Juncture. Eyes Open!
I Lied. I Failed. Don't Hate Me!
A Friday Bottom Is In! A Price Pattern NEVER Seen at a Bull Market Peak
What If I am Wrong?!?!
*Special Alert* Post Mini Crash Playbook. All-Time Highs Around the Corner
1987 Again? Post Crash Playbook. Turnaround Tuesday
Stocks Following Map Perfectly. Range Established for Feb. Dow 27,000
*Special Fed Day Alert. Fed's Arrogance Will Lead to Disaster for Economy*
Fox Business' Cavuto Jan 29 at 1:25pm
WTNH (ABC in CT) - Releasing My Top Financial Resolutions for 2018
Tuesday Media. ABC & Fox Business. Bulls Stampeding
FOX Business Today 2:00pm. Dow 25K, Jobs, Trump & More. Bitcoin
Debunking Santa & the Last 5 Days of the Year's Bullishness
Special Fed Day Alert. Fed's Arrogance Leading to Disaster for Economy...
"Get Me Out at ANY Price!" GE's Disaster. 3 Alternatives
The Next Fed Chairman & Post Fed Market Decline
***Special Fed Day Alert. No Rate Hike. No Surprises***
Anatomy of Stock Market Crashes of 1929 & 1987. Can It Happen Today?
FOX Business on Monday & 3 Reasons Stocks May Peak Right Now
Beware of October (or not). More Debunking...
*** Special Fed Day Alert. No Rate Hike But... ***
Banks in Collapse. September's Ire. Remembering 9-11.
Harvey, Sandy, Katrina, Northridge & Andrew. The Market's Playbook
Trump Slump. Invoking the Crash of 1987.
Is This Time Different? Sell Stocks?!?!
Boring Fed Day on Tap
Fed to Hike Rates Today In Spite of Falling Inflation. Dow 23,000 Next
Canaries in the Coal Mine Breathing Nicely
Looking into the Teeth of the Pullback
Fed to Hike Rates Today. Dow 23,000 Still On Track
Hot IPO, SNAP, Comes Out. Time to Buy?
FOMC Update & BONUS Shocking Surprise #9 Under President Trump
Top 8 Shocking Surprises Under President Trump
Reagan Analog Dies, Where's Santa & Important Year-End Tips
Fed to Hike Rates Today But All is NOT Well
Yahoo Finance LIVE
Trump, Trump & More Trump. But Is That Right???
I Was Wrong on Many Fronts! Beware What's Ahead!
The Path to 270 & Stock Market Reaction
ABC & FOX on Sunday & Monday
***Special Election Report - Stock Market Predicts Trump Victory***
** Special Fed Mtg Update & Model Says Rally. Nov Surprise from Yellen? **
I was ONLY Wrong by $22 Billion!
**Yellen Set to Hike Rates, Special Fed Meeting Update**
Don't Be Afraid. Come on in. Water is Nice!
***Not so Special, Special Fed Meeting Update***
FOX Business TODAY & a Quick Update
The Aftermath & Shock of BREXIT - A Market Playbook and Dow 20,000
BREXIT, SCHMEXIT - Much Ado About Nothing???
**Special Fed Mtg Update & The Continuous Loss of Credibility and Clue**
Bears Still in Control & The 13 Coolest Things You Never Knew
***SPECIAL UPDATE. Long Time Ardent Bull Turns Bear***
**"Secret" Reason Yellen Doesn't Want to Raise Rates. Fed Mtg Update
***SPECIAL Fed Meeting Alert... A March Surprise Today?***
Bears Trampled. Bulls Not Done. What to do about Trump.
Plenty of Caveats, Concerns and Caution as Stocks to Rally Another 10%
New Bull Leg Launched? Or 2008 Repeat?
Internal or Momentum Bottom Being Hammered In
Energy the Culprit but One 2008 Comparison has Merit
The Worst Start to Any Calendar Year EVER
Bidding Farewell to 2015
All Signs Point to a Horrifically Wrong Decision by Yellen & the Fed
Bulls Readying to Stampede
Fox Business Thursday
Rate Hike, Bull Continues and Sanders Done
Even More Studies Concluding Dow 20,000 on Tap
Post Crash Behavior Still Pointing to Dow 20,000
***SPECIAL Fed Update & Market Reaction***
Yahoo Finance Wednesday
Post Crash Behavior Leading to Dow 20,000
Fox Business' Risk & Reward Friday. More Rantings
Fox Business' Risk & Reward Wednesday
Don the Crash Helmets! It's Bloody and Ugly Out There!!
***Recession Alert***
Fox Business' Charles Payne Show Thursday
China, Greece, Iran and Market Foundation All Bad and Troubling
Move Over Greece, Here Comes China. A Bottom?
Important Update. Stock Market Scenarios for Q3
Grexhaustion... Just Leave the Euro Already!
GDP Report Nonsense but Still Beware of Stocks
Economy to Strengthen and Take Stock Market with It
Fox Business Tuesday
Short-Term Warnings Abound. Long-Term Remains Sunny
Exciting Announcement!
Apple in Trouble. NASDAQ 5000 Warning.
Canaries Point to Dow 20,000 but Short-Term Danger Period
Early Warning System Says 2015 is UP. Dow 20,000?
Santa Claus Better Call or Bears May Come to Broad and Wall (NOW)
Struggling for 18,000. Long-Term Still Bright
The Greatest Financial Experiment Ever
Canaries Alive as Dow 20,000...
ANOTHER Dow Theory Change & Fox Business TONIGHT
Trend Change WARNING & Goldman's Prowess
Nailing the Bottom and Strawberry Band-Aids
History Says 15% Chance of 8-11% Decline Right Now
Did Alibaba Just End the Bull Market?!?!
Don't Count this Bull Market Out Yet
Canaries Singing with the Bulls
Stock Market Takes Turn for Worse
Bloody and Battered, is the Bull Dead?
Twitter, Investors, Advisors & Media Root for Bears...Dow 18,000 Next Stop
Squawk Box Tomorrow (Thursday) @ 6:05am
The Most Disavowed, Hated Bull Market in History
Key Sectors Sending Up Bearish Warning Signs
Major Indices Issue WARNING
Happy Easter & Media Day
I am Still Alive
Fearless Forecast 2014
Ugliness & Carnage Continues... As Expected
Bernanke's Swan Song at Interesting Crossroad
Stock Market in Tailspin But Bull Market Lives On
Top 5 Tips for Financial Fitness in 2014
Thank You Santa Bernanke
Even the Bears are Bullish... for Now
LIVE from the Floor of the New York Stock Exchange
"Happy" Anniversary with "Hot" IPOs
Canaries Breathing Well...Dow Headed Above 16,000
Stocks, Bonds and Gold All Good???
Raise the Debt Ceiling Now... Politics 24/7
Bernanke The Maverick & CNBC's Closing Bell
Dow 20,000 Around the Corner
Remembering 9-11
Bull Market to Live On
Comparisons to 1987 Mount
The Times They are a Changin'... BEWARE!
**Special Rpt on Gold (and other things) Part II**
Bears Tasting Blood Yet?
Dow 15,000, CNBC and More...
A Kiss Away from All Time Highs
Fearless Forecast 2013
All Time Highs on the Way for Stocks
Final Thoughts for 2012
Will the Country Even Function on January 1
The Single Most Overhyped Event Since Y2K
Thanksgiving, The Fiscal Cliff and more...
Obama Victory & Market Sell Off
***Special Election Update***
Market Says Obama Again But...
Separating the Election Nonsense from Reality
Bulls Not Done and Canaries Still Breathing
WHEN the Bull Market Ends...
Powering to New 2012 Highs for the Bulls
Keeping an Eye on Those Canaries
Are Stocks Dead Money?
What Would Thomas Jefferson say to the Architects?
Who Can You Trust?
The Facebook Fiasco... A Guide of How NOT to IPO
I Would Become Concerned If...
What Keeps Me Up at Night
Apple... Is This Time Really Different???
The Coming Crash in Apple or the Road to $1000
Top 17 Shockers for 2012
Fearless Forecast 2012
January Rally Foretells Rosy Year for the Bulls
Bulls Hop on Santa's Sleigh But Bears Lurking
***Last Minute Important Year-End Items***
Three Times a Charm!
Happy Thanksgiving
Teasing and Tempting the Bears
Are The Bulls Dead or Just Resting...
BOOM! Goes the Bulls' Dynamite
THE Bottom Still Not In
Bear Market and Recession Results
Slowly Getting Back to "Normal"
24 Years of Crashes
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride... AGAIN
Quick Market Update
New Highs in Store for Stock Market
19 Days Until Debt Armageddon... Bottled Water and Canned Goods?
Where's the Rally?!?!
News Backdrop of a 10-20% Correction
Rest in Peace Mark Haines
Seeds Being Sown for Bull Market's Death
THE Top Building for Stock Market in Q2
Alert! Alert! Alert! Bubble Forming
The Longest 90 Minutes of my Life
The Man Who Changed My Life
Danger Lurking?
13,000 Here We Come!
Obama, Disaster, Bubbles & More!
HUGE Bubble In The Making
The Tide Is Turning
Top 15 Shockers for 2011
Where's the Beef???
New Year's Resolutions... BAH HUMBUG!
Here It Is... Fearless Forecast 2011
Farewell 2010
Saved by the Government!
Muni Crisis Continues to Loom
Is Ben Bernanke Manipulating the Markets?
Special Election Update
The Monster Bull Market of 2011
All Ain't Rosy in Stock Market Land
Stocks Go UP or Stocks Go UP...
Houston... We Have Liftoff!
The Coming Bond Market Collapse
Explosive Move is Coming!
Does The Bull Have Legs? Let's Ask Mr. Market...
The Single Biggest Threat to our Economy & Markets
Put Your Crash Helmets On Again
Let's Not Forget The Dead
Bored with the Markets? Good Time to Catch Up
Is Mickey Mouse Causing Problems?
Funeral for the Consumer... or not
Did Goldman Sachs Just End The Bull Market?
Readers Lash Out With Some Venom
Healthcare Bill Ain't So Healthy!
Crust, Filet, Potty and a Whole Lot More
Geithner & Bernanke Squashed by an Elephant?
Europe Going Bankrupt... the Makings of a Bottom
Tough Week for Stocks... Tougher Week for Obama
Get Ready for SHOCKERS of 2010
Happy New Year!!!
The Curse of Ben Bernanke
Dubai, Dubya, Tiger Woods and Gold to $2000
Dow 12,000 or 8,000?
Dow 10,000... AGAIN?
October's Goblins Are Eating Dow 10,000
Celebrate or Fear Dow 10,000?
Beware the Goblins of October
Another October Crash?
Schatz on Healthcare Reform
Light Up That Big, Fat Cigar Ben Bernanke!
Just Give The World To Goldman Sachs
From Guru To Goat
10,000 Here We Come!
Ben Bernanke Doing the Inflation Dance?
Bur or Beall Market?
Tough Day For Calvin Borel
Bye Bye Bear?
Too Big To Fail or Too Small To Succeed
All The King's Horses and All The King's Men
BEWARE... Energy Prices On The Rise
New Bull Market or Passing Fancy?
CNBC Tuesday 3/24
What The Price Of A Starbucks Coffee Buys
Don't Like The Outcome? Just Change The Rules!
Bald and Bearded... Where's the Sun?
Is Gold The ONLY Investment Left?
Let's ALL Run For Cover Now!
Can We End All The Nonsense?
Bring It On 2009
It Just Makes You SICK
Harry Reid - New Stock Market Guru
The Landscape Is Changing
Are We Headed To 0?
Stock Market Forecasts Obama As President
CNBC... Let's Try It Again
Quickest Special Update Ever
Bill Greatly Mitigates Depression Card
Politicians Lead Markets To Historic Panic Attack
Sure... Blame It On The Shorts!
Special Update On The Markets
Stocks To Collapse Monday On Let's Make A Deal Failure
Expect Stocks To Surge Monday Morning On Rescue Package
Michael Phelps and the Markets
The Energy Crisis... Grande Finale
The Energy Crisis... Part III
Should The Fed Even Bother Meeting?
Houston, We Have Liftoff
Hey Dad, Are We There Yet?
Special Fed & Inflation Update
CNBC Thursday 11:05am
Battered And Bruised, The Bull Market Remains Intact
Could It Be? $200 Oil & $10 Gas
Only 201 Days Left Until Ski Season!
Could Dow 14,000 Be Seen In April?
CNBC and other little Tidbits
Is The US Heading Into Depression?
Are The Bears Right? Is Dow 5000 Around The Corner?
Is It Time To Just Stick Our Heads In The Sand for A While?
Quick Sunday Night Client Update
The Launching of a New Bull Market
When It Rains... It Pours (or floods)
Can a Violent Market be Boring?!?!
I Had a BAD Day!
SPECIAL Fed Update
Rip Van Bernanke IS Awake!
Quickest Update Yet
Time to Put Your Crash Helmet On
The Great Depression of 2008
PHEW... The Fed is out of the Way!
Bernanke to Cut Rates... Here's the Quickie
Did I Miss the Stock Market Bottom?
Enough Blood in the Street yet?
Is the Stock Market Crashing?
Have the Dangers Passed?
Hidden Dangers Lurking Everywhere!
What's Worse? Rain or Taxes?
Would YOU Be Happy With 50%?
Do Stocks Decline No Matter What?
I Would NOT Want To Be Ben Bernanke!
And Sometimes, They Even Get Me...
CNBC Appearance CNBC Appearance
Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Continues...
Special Fed Update
Crash Update
Is a Crash in the Cards?
Possible Short-Term Bottom in the Making
Complacency is an Evil Word in the Stock Market
Early Warning
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