Yes, you can retire with confidence.

Too many financial plans lack enough defensive strategies. Learn how our unique fee-only, fiduciary service helps you protect and grow your money so it’s there for you when you need it most.
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Can your retirement survive the unexpected?

The future is unpredictable, but many financial plans don’t go far enough to consider the possibilities. What if things don’t go the way we expect?

For over 30 years, we’ve been helping people like you thrive in retirement by prioritizing planning and risk control. Meaning, we play defense as well as offense…so you can live with confidence, no matter what happens in your world or the markets.

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eBook: How to Plan a Bulletproof Retirement

Learn how we are here to help you create a 5-Step action plan for a more confident future.

Why We're Different


Active Management (including defensive positioning)

Instead of simplistic mutual fund strategies which can leave your money exposed, we use Active Management strategies and adjust your holdings as the financial markets change. This way, we’re able to help you reduce risks and volatility…so you can sleep better at night.

Service Direct from Your Money Manager (not a "Representative")

At many firms, you work with a representative but someone else you never meet manages your money. That may be good for the firm but it’s not usually good for you. At Heritage Capital, we believe your money manager should know all about you to best manage your risk. So we do. There’s no middle man, you just get direct service so you can ask the questions you need to feel comfortable.

Unparalleled Service (So You Don’t Need to Worry)

Oftentimes, lack of communication is the biggest frustration people have with their financial advisor. We understand…and that’s why we’re here and available. You’ll hear from us often and you’ll always get quick responses when you call or email.

Can we help you? Here’s an easy way to find out.

We want clients who are a good mutual fit. To find out, we offer a no-pressure complimentary consultation. If we can help you and you want to work with us, that’s great. But if you don’t….we will give you free asset allocation direction on your retirement account, for no charge, either way. No strings attached…we’re here to be of service to our community.