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Performance-Oriented Financial Advice You Can Trust

All financial advisors are not created equal.  In fact, many firms are set up to ensure the firm’s success first, not yours.

At Heritage Capital, we’re different.  Our number one priority is to make money for our clients. And we achieve this through an exclusive Active Management Approach that strives for superior investment returns while helping you minimize exposure during market declines.

We’re completely independent, so we don’t have all the conflicts of interest you’ll find at Wall Street firms.  We’re also fee-only which means there are no commissions…and no sales.  We’re simply free to recommend what’s best for you.

Heritage Capital Other Wealth Managers

Who manages your money?
An experienced portfolio manager who reports directly to you
May be managed in-house, but often outsourced to people you never meet, because it is usually more profitable for the firm

Who is your primary contact?
Our money manager (Paul Schatz) and his team
Often a “relationship manager”, who doesn’t talk to the people who end up managing your money

How is the firm paid?
Fee-only (minimizes conflicts of interest)
Likely commissions or a combination of fees and commissions
Standard of care?
We act as your legal fiduciary—we put your interests above our own, like your lawyer must do
May be fiduciary, but may be suitability, which doesn’t require that your interests are put first
Firm’s focus?

We don’t sell any products, so our goal is to protect and make our clients money. We do that by following our unique process
May be the success of the clients, but also may be selling more of the company’s products
Client support?We offer unlimited support and unrivaled communication, so you’ll get the answers you need to stay confident
May offer proactive communication, or you may only hear from them when you call first

Retirement Specialists…Not Generalists

In today’s world, planning your retirement is no easy task.  With increased longevity, pensions being rare, and low-interest rates, it takes more work than it did in the past.  But it has to be done right as the consequences are too great.

At Heritage Capital, we’re retirement specialists.  We work with many clients who are either already in retirement or preparing for retirement.  This level of focus helps us better understand your concerns and challenges.

We also know that retirement can be a time of tremendous change.  Along with financial concerns, you may have other concerns related to planning your time and working less.

So our service is designed to help you eliminate financial stress.  We then replace that uncertainty about your money with clarity and confidence.

Centered Around You

In addition to working with a specialist, you should also be sure that you’re getting the service you expect.  At many financial advisory firms, you hire one advisor, but then your investments are outsourced to someone you never meet.

Why?  Because it’s good for the firm.  According to this 2016 article from Investment News, advisors who outsource investing make more money than those who don’t (read the article here).

While it’s good for the firm’s bottom line, it may not be best for you.  If the firm managing your money doesn’t know you, they don’t know how to manage risk properly for you.  That can cause them to take too much—or too little risk—on your behalf, potentially putting your financial well-being in danger.

That’s why we’re different.  Learn about Our Story 

At Heritage Capital, we’re different.  Our number one priority is to make money for our clients.

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