Our Promise To You

Only Experts Manage Your Money

You’ve worked hard to build your net worth, so you don’t want your money to be part of anyone’s learning curve.  On Wall Street, however, there are few requirements for someone to use the title “Financial Advisor” or “Wealth Manager”.  They might be an experienced, seasoned professional, or they might be someone who just passed an exam who has never managed money for others.

At Heritage Capital, you’ll only deal with experts with decades of experience.  Our Chief Investment Officer, Paul Schatz, is a recognized expert who is a frequent guest on CNBC and other business television programs.  Learn more about Paul.

We Invest Alongside You

When you’re investing your hard-earned money with a professional, shouldn’t they be investing their own money the same way?  We think so.  We believe in our strategies, so we’re investors in the same models….right alongside you. 

We Provide Fee-only, Fiduciary Advice

We don’t believe the person managing your life’s savings should be paid on commission.  That’s why Heritage Capital is a fee-only firm.  We don’t accept compensation from anyone other than our clients.

That way there are no sales.  We’re only motivated to do what’s best for you.

We also act as your legal fiduciary…meaning we put your interests first at all times.

We’re Easy to Reach

Many clients leave advisors because they rarely hear from them, except if they call first.  We’re not that way.  We know that our clients depend on us to feel comfortable and confident about their money.  So you’ll hear from us multiple times per month; we’ll send you updates, newsletters, and you’ll even see our portfolio manager on television frequently.

Then, we’re easy to reach, anytime you have a question or need some advice.

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At Heritage Capital, you’ll only deal with experts with decades of experience.

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