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“Today, you may spend decades in retirement.  There’s no margin for error…you need to play defense with your money, not just offense.”

– Paul Schatz, Heritage Capital

  • Will you outlive your money?
  • Are your retirement accounts invested properly?
  • How will you generate income prudently in retirement with today’s low-interest rates?

In today’s financial world, there’s no shortage of questions.  That’s why we provide answers.

At Heritage Capital, we’re passionate about providing real people with secure futures.  What does that take? In our opinion, it requires playing defense as well as offense.

Too many investors—and professional financial advisors, too—only play offense with investing.  The problem is that the market goes down sometimes, too.  If you only play offense, chances are you’ll get caught out at some point, and it may set you back years (or even decades).  We saw a lot of that in 2008.

There’s a better way.  Instead of just passively investing your money so it moves up and down with the market, we use Active Investment Management. 

Don’t Forget Defense

When you’re in your 20s, you can afford a financial setback…you’ve got decades ahead to recover.  But when you’re older, a financial setback can end up costing you significantly.

It doesn’t have to be that way.  If you include defensive strategies along with growth strategies (offense), you can help minimize losses.  That way you can make more consistent progress toward your goals.

We’ve been helping our pre-retirement and retirement clients do just that for over 31 years.

Because shouldn’t a professional make you money?  We believe so and that’s why our strategies have been helping clients through bull markets, bear markets and everything in between.

Yes, it’s different, but remember, you’ve got to defend your retirement.  Sitting back and hoping your financial advisor will do the right thing doesn’t really help.

Service with a Difference

As important as preserving your money is, you also need to feel comfortable.  Many retirees spend their years wondering if they need to be saving more and spending less. This uncertainty can put a damper on your well-being.

We work closely with you to ensure that you understand your entire financial situation.  Our services help you feel confident…not uncertain.  

Unrivaled Communication…TV, Email and Monthly Meetings

People often leave financial advisors because they don’t hear from them enough.  Or maybe you do meet with them, but it’s only once a year.  To us, that is not enough.

You won’t find that here at Heritage Capital.  You’ll hear from us frequently:

  • We’ll reach out to you every month to schedule a call, virtual conference or in-person meeting (you decide whether you’d like to meet, or not).
  • You’ll get a blog article from us 2 or 3 days per week (you can unsubscribe at any time, too),
  • You get email check-ins about twice per month.
  • You’ll receive a quarterly letter where we review last quarter, look ahead to the coming quarter, and provide an update on our investment strategies.
  • We’re active on Twitter and Facebook.
  • You’ll see us on television often, too. 

Unlimited Support

The other part of the retirement equation is avoiding big mistakes.  You know….buying the classic car… the timeshare…or investing in your sister-in-law’s new business.  With Heritage Capital by your side, you’ve always got a second opinion.  We consider it our job to stop you from making mistakes.

And, there’s no extra charge for this service.  It is part of the simple, transparent fee you pay for our service.  So you can call us anytime we can help.

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In today’s financial world, there’s no shortage of questions.  That’s why we provide answers.

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