Why Heritage

Passionate about helping you thrive financially

“Will your money be there when you need it?  We’re here to help make sure it is.”

–Paul Schatz, Heritage Capital

You’ve worked hard to build your net worth.  Now that you’re retiring (or getting close), it’s time for your money to work hard for you.

There’s no shortage of financial advisors eager to help you do that.  But not all are as committed to your results as they should be.

At Heritage Capital, we’re an award-winning personal investment management firm passionate about helping you thrive financially in retirement.  Learn more about what makes us different below.

The Experience and Expertise to Do It Right 

When you’re retired (or close to it), you don’t usually have many second chances.  You need things done right the first time.

At Heritage Capital, we’ve been helping people navigate retirement challenges for over three decades.  Your money is managed personally by our portfolio manager, Paul Schatz.  Paul is a seasoned expert and frequently appears on business television channels such as CNBC, Fox Business News, and Yahoo Finance.  

Focused on Your Results 

For over 30 years, we’ve maintained a singular purpose:  our job is to grow and protect your money leading up to and in retirement.  Period.

To do that, we go far beyond the standard “buy and hold” approach.

And we do more than simply sticking your money in mediocre mutual funds so it can be managed by another layer of money managers (at your expense).

We do things differently.  Your money is managed in-house by our experienced expert. It is then monitored continuously.  We aren’t reactive, calling you after your account suffers losses.  Instead, we are proactive, seeking to protect first…so that big loss doesn’t occur in the first place.

Active Management (Including Defensive Strategies)

Passive investing is extremely popular right now.  That works well when the market goes up for eleven years.  But what about when the market drops?  The bottom line, that passive approach exposes your assets to undue vulnerability and volatility.

The market drops and you are told to just “wait it out”.  We don’t agree with that approach.  While it’s common, that can leave you in a worst-case scenario:  being forced to withdraw money when your nest egg value is at its lowest.  That requires you to lock in losses and permanently reduce the amount of money you have to live on.  If that happens early in your retirement, that can drastically reduce your quality of life in future years.

That’s not an acceptable risk in our eyes.  Instead, our Active Management Approach repositions your assets as the financial markets change. It takes more work, but it helps you to generate gains when the market is strong and also seeks to protect your assets when the market falls.

Then, by monitoring your investments 24/7, we strive to reduce volatility and vulnerability, making your long-term goals much more manageable.

Your Money is Never Outsourced

With many advisors, your money is handed over to a third-party money manager you never meet.  This adds another layer of expense to your costs.  Worse, you don’t interact with that person.  As a result, they don’t understand your full financial picture, your other assets, your obligations and your ability to tolerate risk.  This approach is not very accurate at best, and catastrophic at worst.

At Heritage Capital, we believe your money is too important to hand off.  So we don’t do it.  You work directly with our money manager, getting the full attention you need from a recognized expert who has been helping retirees navigate complex markets for over 30 years.

Doing What’s Right for You

Along with managing your money directly, we also act as your fiduciary.  Not part of the time….all of the time.  That means you can count on us for objective advice that’s in your best interest.

We’re also a completely independent, fee-only advisor.  We have no ties to product companies.  We don’t collect any commissions.  We simply get paid by you, our clients, in fees, just as you would pay your accountant or lawyer.  That clarifies our role and we avoid the conflicts of interest so common on Wall Street.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Included

Along with investment advice, you get full-service financial planning and retirement planning.  This in-depth planning helps you clarify your goals, determine where you want to end up and find a road map to get there.  It also includes stress-testing to make sure your financial plan can withstand obstacles and unexpected events.

We can help you plan most anything in your future:

  • Your retirement
  • Your child’s education
  • Your estate
  • Your charitable giving
  • The achievement of any financial goal

Going the Extra Mile

We also go much further to support you in your financial life. We’re here to help with financial questions when you buy or refinance your home, buy or lease a car, lend money to a family member, consolidate debt, or whatever your need may be.

Our goal is to make your life, and good financial decisions, easier.

Try Before You Buy

Hiring a financial advisor is no easy decision.  Don’t you wish you could try before you buy?  We would like to earn your business, so if you’re a fit for us, we’ll offer you free services for the first 6 months.

Learn more about this unique offer to give us a try and see if it’s a fit.

Transparent Fees and Unlimited Support

Our goal is to make your retirement easy, so we don’t want you to deal with confusing fees and hidden expenses.  That’s why we’re committed to transparency.  You’ll always receive a clear, written explanation of our fees, in writing, before work starts.

Then, we include unlimited support with everything we do for you.  That way, you can call us or email us anytime without fearing an unexpected bill.

This way, there are no surprises.  You’ll know exactly what you are paying for at all times.

At Heritage Capital, we’re an award-winning personal investment management firm passionate about helping you thrive financially in retirement.

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