Thorkild Hansen

Director of Research

Personal Bio

Thorkild Hansen has extensive experience developing advanced empirical and mathematical tools for analysis of large complicated data sets. Since 2005 he has worked with Paul Schatz applying these skills to the investment field. He has developed proprietary alpha models for both equity and macro portfolios and implemented portfolio analytics tools for monitoring value at risk and various risk factor exposures.

In 2003 he co-founded Seknion Inc., a Boston company that develops intellectual property in the areas of radio frequency identification (RFID) and security for wireless communication systems. Prior to Seknion, Thorkild joined Schlumberger in 1997 working on an underground radar project. He transferred with the project to Witten Technologies in 2000, where he was part of the team that developed Witten’s radar technology. This technology, which helped in the reconstruction of the utility network near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan, won the 2002 NOVA Award for innovation in construction and Wall Street Journal’s 2004 Technology Innovation Award in Software.

Prior to Schlumberger, Thorkild worked for 6 years developing new techniques for analyzing data and electromagnetic waves and antennas at the Air Force Research Laboratory (formerly, Rome Laboratory) of Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts.

Thorkild received the R.W.P. King Prize in 1992 and the S.A. Schelkunoff Prize in 1995 from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) for his research and publications on electromagnetic wave propagation. He is co-author of Plane-Wave Theory of Time-Domain Fields, a featured book of IEEE Press in 1999, and has authored many papers that have appeared in various technical journals over the years. Thorkild received his Master of Science in 1989, and his PhD. in 1991, in Electromagnetics from Technical University of Denmark.