Date: March 4, 2016

GOP Ganging Up on Trump… AGAIN

One of the great things about flying JetBlue is that every seat has a TV so I was able to watch the GOP debate on one channel and the UCONN men’s game on another as I flew to Reno. Boy was that debate painful! Did anyone learn anything new? It is clear to me that the Rubio and Cruz camps got together and agreed to a moratorium on attacking each other so they could collectively attack Donald Trump. They must have also been in concert with former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his head shaking, jaw dropping assault on Donald Trump just hours earlier.

In all my years alive as well as my studies as a political science major, I cannot ever recall a party so steadfastly against their front runner with a such a commanding lead before. The GOP is breaking out every weapon they have and nothing seems to be working. Paul Ryan, John McCain, Judd Gregg, Mitt Romney. The list goes on and grows.

Rumors have circulated that leadership has met with Rubio, Cruz and Kasich to implore two to drop out of the race and back the other for the good of the party and the demise of Donald Trump. While Kasich doesn’t ever really enter the fray, he looks to be close to calling it a day and he has already said there is “zero chance” he will be anyone’s running mate.

If Trump continues his dominance, it won’t be long before rumors pop up that a faction of republicans will begin to outwardly support Hillary Clinton. They will argue that she’s the lesser of two evils and disparage Trump for all the obvious reasons. However, I think we all know that the Washington establishment, lobbyists and donors really fear Trump because not only can’t he be bought, but he could jeopardize their future hold on politics as we know it.

If you thought it has been crazy so far, it’s going to get even more interesting if and when Trump becomes the nominee. So many people keep asking me if I would support him and it’s something I think about everyday since my candidate is no longer in the race.


Paul Schatz, President, Heritage Capital