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5 Times a DIY Strategy to Financial Planning Doesn’t Work

If you have the time and expertise, you might be able to do your own financial planning. However, most people lack both, which is one of the many reasons to use a financial advisor for guidance. Taking on a task you’re not properly suited for can end in costly, avoidable mistakes. Unfortunately, it takes many DIYers a few big mistakes to finally ask for help. We see this a lot at Heritage Capital, when prospective clients come to us, asking […]   Read More
Date: October 4, 2021

I’m 55; Is It Too Late to Plan for Retirement? 5 Reasons the Answer is No

Maybe a job loss early in your career prompted you to “temporarily” pause your retirement contributions, and once you got resettled, you simply forgot to return to your original plan. Maybe you misguidedly assumed Social Security or a promised inheritance would carry you through your Golden Years and you’re just now realizing it likely won’t. Or maybe life’s short-term goals simply took priority and you felt you just couldn’t save for retirement, especially when it was still decades away and […]   Read More
Date: September 20, 2021

What You May Not Know About Robo Advisors and Target Date Funds

The initial enthusiasm for something new is sadly often followed by disappointment when more facts come to light. In the investment world, two items that have become popular in the last decade are target date retirement funds and robo advisors. Each promised to provide cost-efficient investment management and superior results. But what has become clear is that whatever their merits, these two methodologies have a number of flaws that require careful consideration. This is especially true when it comes to […]   Read More
Date: September 13, 2021

How to Recover from Financial Loss Right Before Retirement Age

After carefully contributing to your retirement accounts for decades, it can be quite devastating to experience a financial loss just as you prepare to retire. However, while it may feel like it, the world isn’t coming to an end. You can take steps to recover from an untimely loss, but it requires that you keep your perspective rather than surrendering to fear. At Heritage Capital, we can help. How? Here’s an example.   When and Why This Can Happen An […]   Read More
Date: September 6, 2021

Retirement Planning CT: Can I Still Retire Post-COVID-19?

As the world transitions to life post-pandemic, some things will never be the same. For a lot of people, that’s retirement. According to recent reports, about 50 percent of working adults say the economic consequences of COVID-19 will make it harder for them to achieve their financial goals. Of these people, 44 percent believe it will take them three years, if not longer, to get back to where they were a year ago. This includes many high-income business owners, especially […]   Read More
Date: July 26, 2021

Financial Planning for Women: Q&A

Several studies have shown that women are better investors than men, in that they earn higher returns, are less prone to volatile trading and pay less in commissions. You can agree or disagree, but that’s what the data shows. Some men have a difficult time accepting this. Yet, women face several gender-specific financial challenges throughout their lives, including unequal pay, taking time out for family reasons, higher costs for medical care, and a longer life expectancy than that for men. […]   Read More
Date: July 12, 2021

What Have I Done? 5 Retirement Decisions that are Permanent

It’s unfortunate, but as a financial advisor in New Haven County, I often talk to retirees after they’ve made a mistake with their retirement plans. Even more unfortunate, certain decisions cannot be undone. While there’s usually an opportunity to make up for a bad decision, it can be expensive both in time and money. It’s my personal goal to try to reach as many pre-retirees before these mistakes are made. Proper research and the help of a qualified financial advisor […]   Read More
Date: May 17, 2021

Retirement Planning Connecticut: Staggering Benefits and Retirement with Your Spouse

Some say that a part of the American dream is for a couple to retire at the same time and enjoy their Golden Years doing everything together. The American reality may be something different. How to arrange your finances so that you, as a couple, don’t outlive your money and still have an enjoyable retirement lifestyle can be a complicated process. You cannot ignore the psychological effects that can accompany retirement, effects that can multiply if you both retire at […]   Read More
Date: April 19, 2021

Navigating Taxes IN Retirement

The road to lower tax paid runs through your entire lifetime, both pre- and post-retirement. The decisions you make before retirement critically impact your tax situation after retirement. But don’t dismiss the additional steps you can take within retirement to keep your taxes as low as possible. (This is especially important for a high net worth retirement, because the more money you have, the higher the taxes you’ll face.)   How is Social Security Taxed? Social Security benefits are subject […]   Read More
Date: March 8, 2021

How to Get Accurate and Realistic Retirement Projections

Decisions about retirement have both objective and subjective components. Generally, the objective components deal with your money – how much you’ll have and how much you’ll need. To get accurate and realistic retirement projections, you’ll also need to consider other factors, such as your age, health, debt and estate plans. On the subjective side is deciding when to retire, where to live after retirement, and what to do with yourself in retirement. Do you have family that you want to […]   Read More
Date: February 22, 2021