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Rip Off the Band-Aid Greece

As the early tally in Greece showed overwhelming support for the NO camp, meaning they wanted to reject more austerity, markets around the globe braced for another round of strong selling. As usual, the pundits got it wrong. Almost every single interview I watched or read had the vote almost a dead heat. “Famed” investor Wilbur Ross laid a huge egg in not only predicting a YES vote, but also positioning his portfolios for it and then trying to rationalize […]   Read More
Date: July 8, 2015

Greece = Opportunity. Stock Market Scenarios for Q3

With Monday’s blog and Street$marts being on the long side, I decided to wait a day to offer commentary on how the markets’ reaction to the impending default by Greece, bank closure, referendum, etc. would impact the new month and quarter. To reiterate an important market tenet of mine which has been around for decades, it’s not what the news is, but how the markets react. We are constantly reminded of that with economic news. Is good news bad news […]   Read More
Date: July 1, 2015