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Window for Decline Almost Closed

For the past three weeks, our models have been defensive regarding the stock market after the first week’s post-election surge. I often say that when certain conditions are present, a “window of opportunity” opens for a stock market decline. The longer time passes without a decline, the more likely the window will close. Today, the window is starting to close and I imagine that by two weeks from today, it will be fully closed, modest decline or not. TheĀ  Dow, […]   Read More
Date: December 7, 2016

Stock Market Yawning at Recount

After a small gain on Wednesday, the seasonality bulls got their work done on Friday as the strong trend held to form. Without any weakness leading into that trend, it made it too tough for me to play it. However, I did tweet on Friday that taking a small short position at the close for seasonal weakness on Monday seemed like a better risk/reward play. Heading into the new week, we have to be on the lookout for the typical […]   Read More
Date: November 28, 2016

Seasonals Favor Bulls into Weekend

Today and Friday are well known and widely followed seasonally strong days for stocks. That doesn’t mean we should just blindly buy and hope things work out. Stocks have been almost straight up since the election so you can certainly argue that a lot of fuel has been used up, including the last two days. As I mentioned on Monday, if the stock market was down on Tuesday I would have wanted to be long on Wednesday and Friday. That’s […]   Read More
Date: November 23, 2016

Bulls Not Done

The bulls came back from the weekend in a good mood as stocks are rallying into lunch on Monday. While banks are taking a little breather, commodity-related sectors are leading with energy, metals & mining and materials all doing well along with some of the beaten down Hillary sectors, utilities, staples and telecom. High yield bonds are finally showing some oomph and emerging market countries are bouncing. The NYSE A/D Line is showing decent participation. I won’t rehash all the […]   Read More
Date: November 21, 2016

Three Scenarios to Year-End

On the surface, you would think that the past nine days were nine easy days for the bulls. After all, the Dow was up more than 5%. What could be bad? Beneath the surface, there was much wrong with the post-election rally that began the day before the election. To begin with, the Dow was a leading index, followed by the Russell 2000. The S&P 500 and S&P 400 were nothing special. The NASDAQ 100 was actually down over the […]   Read More
Date: November 18, 2016

The Path to 270 & Stock Market Reaction

Don’t forget to vote! Thanks to NBC, ABC and FOX in Connecticut for having me on regarding the election. Each segment was very different and offered new information. The first two interviews are below and I will post the FOX one as soon as I have it. Statistical Model Provides Hints at Presidential Outcome Financial expert says election could have impact on stock market It’s been a long two years since the midterm election and I think I can confidently […]   Read More
Date: November 8, 2016

Time to Buy or Wait

After 9 straight down days and a little help from the FBI, the stock market looks to soar higher at the opening on the increased likelihood of a Clinton victory on Election Day. While I completely understand the “devil you know” argument and continuation of much of the same from the past 8 years, I am somewhat surprised the market is so at ease with the prospect of higher tax rates on job creators and widespread social program spending. However, […]   Read More
Date: November 7, 2016

8 Straight Down Days – Quiet Bear Market?

The S&P 500 is now down 8 straight days. Pundit chatter in the media and on Twitter has been fairly negative. Option traders are bearish. The volatility index is up almost 100% since September. Either a bear market has quietly begun or the market is approaching yet another good dip to buy in an ongoing bull market. I think you know where I stand. Seasonality studies are abound that the market just entered the best six months. Additionally, it’s also […]   Read More
Date: November 4, 2016

Key Sectors Holding Up Otherwise Weak Market

Last week, I voiced a little more concern about the stock market as the S&P 400 and Russell 2000 broke to the downside from their trading ranges. So far, they haven’t been able to regain previous levels. Now, we have the S&P 500 and NASDAQ 100 trading at the lower end of their ranges and it looks like stocks have further to go on thew downside before finding more solid footing. As I have said for months, based on market […]   Read More
Date: November 1, 2016

A Little More Concern Creeps In

At least we had one day where stocks closed firmly! As has been the case for more than a week, but really over the past month, sellers continue to snuff rallies that begin the morning. The bears say that this is a market on the verge of collapsing under its own weight. The bulls counter that with all the selling into rallies, stocks remain just a few percent off their recent highs. What I am seeing is my pullback theme […]   Read More
Date: October 27, 2016