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An Opportunity for the Bears

Since mid-November, I have often discussed sentiment in the stock market. Plainly put, investors have been very confident to the point of being greedy and giddy to an historic extreme. We last saw that behavior in January 2018 which led to a 13% stock market decline to resolve the condition. Of course, there were other factors that led to that decline, like some cracks in the market’s foundation, something I am not seeing today. When I have a little more […]   Read More
Date: January 13, 2020

Early January Indicator Calls for More Upside While Oil & Gold Hit Peaks

With the much ballyhooed Santa Claus Rally out of the way which I really reduced to meaningless in the grand scheme of things, the media has turned its attention to the Early January Indicator (EJI). As Yale Hirsch of Stock Trader’s Almanac fame discovered, as goes the first five days of January, so goes the rest of the year. Since 1990 when the EJI is positive, stocks end the year higher 78% of the time versus 74% for any random […]   Read More
Date: January 9, 2020

Santa Called. Bulls Excited on Wall. Could There be a Fall?

Although it wasn’t much for the bulls to celebrate, Santa Claus did call to Broad & Wall. The last five days of 2019 plus the first two days of 2020 finished slightly in the green for the &P 500 by 0.34%. The media would have you believe that this 7 day trading period now holds untold fortunes for stock investors versus any old random year. That’s simply not the case, even when giving the bulls the benefit of the doubt […]   Read More
Date: January 6, 2020

A Little Taste for the Bears – Santa Still in Play

Stocks roared out of the gate to begin 2020 and it certainly felt like the masses were buying hand over fist. However, let’s remember that this is a holiday-shortened week and I don’t think everyone is back to their normal schedules. With stocks closing at their highs for the day, it’s very unlikely that any peak of importance was seen. Several times last week I mentioned my last 5 and Santa Claus Rally research. The last 5 was reduced to […]   Read More
Date: January 3, 2020

3224 the Key Number for Santa

Friday’s action in the stock market wasn’t the victory the bulls were claiming. After another higher opening, the bears made a tiny stand and managed to fend off higher prices for a few hours. That’s about all you can say besides there were more stocks declining than advancing. I know; I am grasping at straws into year-end. However, make no mistake about the historic sentiment readings we are currently seeing now. This is the polar opposite of what we saw […]   Read More
Date: December 30, 2019

All Looks Terrific But Be Careful

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa and Boxing Day! As I wrote about the other day, the Santa Claus Rally and last five days of the year are not the absolute layup the pundits keep predicting. In strong years, the last five days trade is not even a coin flip, however, Santa still comes calling about 70% of the time. That puts added bullish weight on the first two days of 2020 if the last five of […]   Read More
Date: December 27, 2019

The Masses are Wrong! The Truth About Santa and the Last 5 Days of 2019

Let me begin by wishing all those who celebrate a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukah! Historically, the last two weeks of December is one of the most favorable times of the year and that lasts through early January. The traditional Santa Claus Rally (SCR) is scheduled to begin on Christmas Eve and last until the close on January 3rd. In other words, the last five trading days of the year and first two of the new year. Remember the old […]   Read More
Date: December 23, 2019

Stocks CREEP Higher – Waiting on Santa

Let’s start this article with the big picture. The bull market is alive and reasonably well and will live on into 2020. Next year will likely present some challenges, but we will cross that bridge when I start to work on my 2020 Fearless Forecast. One thing is for absolute sure in my opinion; there will be fireworks in 2020! For roughly a month, mostly on the blog, I had been discussing a stock market that was a little ahead […]   Read More
Date: December 22, 2019

Santa Claus Came a Callin’

The media spent the period from just after Thanksgiving to mid-December parading out pundits to talk about the Santa Claus Rally (SCR). Most of those pundits said the SCR was failing and it meant trouble for the stock market in 2019. I wrote several times that the traditional SCR, pioneered by Yale Hirsch of the Stock trader’s Almanac, was simply the last five trading days of the year and the first two days of the new year. An up SCR […]   Read More
Date: January 4, 2019

The REAL Santa Claus Rally

All month I have heard the pundits say that the Santa Claus Rally has failed or that Santa failed to call so bears will come to Broad and Wall, popularized by Yale Hirsch of Stocks Trader’s Almanac fame. What incenses me is that those people just blurted and babbled nonsense. The Santa Claus Rally (SCR) doesn’t begin until the last five days of the year and continues for the first two days of the next year. In other words, it […]   Read More
Date: December 24, 2018